Comparing Jokkmokk and Savukoski through an environmental stressor lens

A new peer reviewed CHARTER publication has dropped – titled “Perceptions on and impacts of environmental changes under multiple stressors: a case study from two communities in northern Fennoscandia”. Salla Eilola of University of Turku is the lead author, with six co authors, all of whom are affiliated with the CHARTER project. The article looks at local perceptions of local

Understanding the Drivers of Arctic Biodiversity

To help local communities adapt to climate impacts, researchers in the EU-funded CHARTER project are creating an advanced model of the 21st century Arctic. CORDIS have published a summary of CHARTER project goals, methods and results so far, including citizen science and harnessing the power of indigenous knowledge. And even better, the summary item is available in 6 languages! Read

CHARTER Project Fact Sheets – Download!

In partnership with our sister EU Horizon 2020 projects, who like this project are entering their final year, CHARTER, FACE-IT and ECOTIP partnered up to create some ‘Fact Sheets’ that summarise some of the core findings of these three significant projects that focus on Arctic biodiversity on land, ocean and coasts, and also identify a number of research gaps identified

CHARTER at the Finnish Met Institute Snow Seminar

Many thanks to all the 90 registered participants of the FMI’s 11th Pyry snow seminar on 1.11.2023! The seminar was again a great success and the talks and poster presentations included topics such as (but not limited to) Antarctic and Arctic research, weather and climate modelling, snow model approaches, and citizen science (by Outi Meinander, FMI). Collaboration has always been in

New CHARTER publication

An important new publication with substantial input from CHARTER researchers has landed which is a pilot study on the reindeer impact on soil carbon storage which revealed that animal impacts are very different for permafrost and non-permafrost areas but that they facilitate more productive vegetation. Titled ‘Impacts of Reindeer on Soil Carbon Storage in the Seasonally Frozen Ground of Northern

Extraordinary Moth Outbreak in Finnish Lapland

An exceptionally large outbreak of the Common Heath Ematurga atomaria moth has been observed this summer in parts of the Ounastunturi fell, in northwest Finnish Lapland. A CHARTER project researcher Henri Wallen has been investigating this outbreak and its ramifications through the use of satellite imagery, on site visits and with local reindeer herders who have been reporting this as an

Using Satellites to Investigate Snow

Remote sensing specialist and CHARTER project researcher Annett Bartsch of bgeos and others have looked at developing a long-term monitoring system for rain-on-snow (ROS) events across the Arctic using satellite data. They explored the utility of different microwave frequencies from passive and active satellite sensors to detect wet snow and snow structure change during and after ROS events. The authors

Report on “Arctic biodiversity, climate and food security” in Brussels, with webstream and photos

Report by Julien Lebel (Senior researcher at Nordland Research Institute, Norway) CHARTER, ECOTIP and FACE-IT, three EU-funded projects that are researching on biodiversity in relation to ice loss in the Arctic, organized jointly with the EU Polar Cluster a policy briefing in Brussels on 15 March 2023. The meeting was entitled “Arctic biodiversity, climate and food security” and constituted a useful opportunity

When Rain Fell in Winter, A First Person Account

A decade ago, heavy winter rains washed over the Yamal Peninsula in Northwest Russia, killing 60,000 reindeer and ruining livelihoods. Philip Burgess and Irina Wang have created a StoryMap that tells the story of Tokcha Khudi. Tokcha is a Nenets reindeer herder who, along with his family, has herded reindeer across the tundra of the Yamal peninsula his entire life

Arctic Biodiversity, Climate and Food Security. Register Now!

The three EU-funded projects CHARTER, FACE-IT and ECOTIP are researching on biodiversity in relation to ice loss in the Arctic. Jointly with the EU Polar Cluster, these projects are organizing a policy briefing entitled “Arctic biodiversity, climate and food security”, on 15 March 2023 (2:00-4:00 pm) in Brussels in the library of the ORBN building (Square Frère-Orban 8, 1040 – Etterbeek). This policy briefing will also be web