CHARTER at the Finnish Met Institute Snow Seminar

Many thanks to all the 90 registered participants of the FMI’s 11th Pyry snow seminar on 1.11.2023! The seminar was again a great success and the talks and poster presentations included topics such as (but not limited to) Antarctic and Arctic research, weather and climate modelling, snow model approaches, and citizen science (by Outi Meinander, FMI).

Collaboration has always been in the heart of the seminar, ever since the seminar was established in 2009. In 2017, the seminar was also part of the official Suomi Finland 100 anniversary program. This year, we created a new tradition to open the winter snow observation season (Lumikauden avauksen julistus), together with FMI, SYKE, Arctic Centre and Luontoliitto. The FMI News of Pyry seminar 2023 is here (in Finnish):

Sirpa Rasmus (centre) and Leena Leppänen (2nd from R) with the other organisers of the 2023 FMI Pyry snow seminar

In Pyry 2023, the morning coffee and seminar dinner were offered by FMI’s IBA-ILMA-project (more about IBA-ILMA is in FMI’ news here: The first systematic data on Saharan, Aral-Caspian and Middle East dust travels to Finland in 1980-2022 – Finnish Meteorological Institute (, and the Arctic Centre’s CHARTER-project.

Next year, the seminar will be organized for the first time outside FMI (in collaboration with FMI), at the Arctic Centre in Rovaniemi, on Friday 1.11.2024. Hope to see you there!

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