CHARTER Project Fact Sheets – Download!

In partnership with our sister EU Horizon 2020 projects, who like this project are entering their final year, CHARTER, FACE-IT and ECOTIP partnered up to create some ‘Fact Sheets’ that summarise some of the core findings of these three significant projects that focus on Arctic biodiversity on land, ocean and coasts, and also identify a number of research gaps identified by these respective projects.

These fact sheets are now ready and free to distribute and print out and are attached below. Niftily created by GRID-Arendal, the are two sided sheets, that also combine to create one large landscape.

Landscape version of the 5 fact sheets created by CHARTER, FACE-IT and ECOTIP

1: Land Use Change and Socio Ecological Systems

2: Environmental Economics

3: Biodiversity and Novel Ecosystems

4: Land-Coast-Ocean Interaction in the Melting Cryosphere

5: Carbon Sequestration

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