Comparing Jokkmokk and Savukoski through an environmental stressor lens

A new peer reviewed CHARTER publication has dropped – titled “Perceptions on and impacts of environmental changes under multiple stressors: a case study from two communities in northern Fennoscandia”. Salla Eilola of University of Turku is the lead author, with six co authors, all of whom are affiliated with the CHARTER project.

The article looks at local perceptions of local environmental change when juxtaposed with available scientific data and focusses on Jokkmokk in northern Sweden and Savukoski in northern Finland. While many of the mentioned perceptions aligned with the data, there were multiple points raised that spoke to very local observations including berry yields, the abundance of mosquitoes, peatland thaw and frost, and changes in river and lake ice conditions. It is noteworthy that in both Savukoski and Jokkmokk, for many people the most impactful changes were caused by resource extraction rather than climate change. 

You can read and download the full article here.

Location of the two studied municipalities and the area of nearest herding districts. The tree line denotes the border between boreal forest and tundra vegetation characterized by, e.g., mountain birch, heath or meadow vegetation, mires, mosses, and lichens. Illustration: Tim Horstkotte.

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