Critical Seasons for Reindeer Herders – New CHARTER publication

Ten CHARTER researchers led by the Nenets scholar Roza Laptander new article has just been published. Titled ‘Critical seasonal conditions in the reindeer-herding year: A synopsis of factors and events in Fennoscandia and northwestern Russia’, the authors explore key aspects of the yearly reindeer herding cycle as perceived by reindeer herders in Fennoscandia and northwestern Russia. Indigenous Sámi and Yamal reindeer herders recognize eight seasons, each holding significant importance. Variances in how Fennoscandian and northwestern Russian herders view favorable and unfavourable seasonal conditions stem from factors such as climate, geography, herd management, and the multitude of pressures on pastures at any given time.

Ongoing and rapid changes in climate change in the Arctic will profoundly alter these conditions, influencing crucial events and outcomes in reindeer herding. Addressing these challenges requires an assessment within the context of social and economic dynamics. Reindeer herders across Fennoscandia and Russia express concerns about the future sustainability of their livelihoods. To effectively adapt to climate change and devise new strategies, herders must maintain access to pastures, preserve their mobility and adaptability, and secure their involvement in decisions regarding land use.

The authors of this article were Roza Laptander, Tim Horstkotte, Joachim Otto Habeck, Sirpa Rasmus, Teresa Komu, Heidrun Matthes, Hans Tømmervik, Kirill Istomin, Jussi T. Eronen and Bruce C. Forbes.

You can download it here.

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