Juan-Ignacio Ramirez: New CHARTER Post Doc

Juan-Ignacio Ramirez

The CHARTER project may be entering its final year, but there is still time to squeeze in one more PostDoc (likely the projects last!).

His name is Juan-Ignacio Ramirez and he is going to be working with Dr. Dorothee Ehrich at The Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø. His overall research interest is to understand both how consumers (not the shopping kind) respond to resources and how resources respond to consumers, with small and large herbivores as the central part of the equation and across different biomes: Arctic, Boreal, Temperate and Tropical. 

I will implement a wide toolbox to uncover the driving mechanisms in trophic interactions, including camera traps, artificial predator cues, vegetation plots, invertebrate traps, dung transects,  litter bags and biodiversity indexes. My role within CHARTER is to understand how different land uses (including reindeer herding) may trigger spill-over effects in Arctic food webs, with special attention to the interactions between meso-carnivores and small herbivores. To achieve this, I will harness my 4-year experience working primarily with reindeer-plant interaction in tundra and boreal forests. I’m excited to be part of CHARTER and looking forward to learning from the exciting research conducted by my colleagues at the different work packages.  Feel free to drop me a line by email if you would like to know me better or to set up new and exciting collaborations.

Juan-Ignacio is transitioning to Tromsø from the University of Umeå where he was working as a researcher and he completed his PhD, “Wild ungulates as forest engineers” at the University of Wageningen, in the Netherlands.


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