New CHARTER publication on ‘Rain-on-Snow’ events

We are excited to let you know about an important new CHARTER publication which has just been released.

Published in the journal The Cryosphere, the article is lead authored by Annett Bartsch, who is the leader of Work Package 1 is titled: Towards long-term records of rain-on-snow events across the Arctic from satellite data. The article has input from many authors and CHARTER folks include Helene Bergstedt, Leena Leppänen and Dorothee Ehrich.

This article addresses the many challenges in monitoring rain-on-snow events across the Arctic and assesses various methods that are used currently. The overall aim of the study is to identify rain-on-snow events which alter snow conditions. Specifically, the advantages and disadvantages of using C-band radar are assessed. The objectives are (1) to gain better insight into recent occurrences of specific rain-on-snow events across the Arctic, (2) to explore the potential of radar data for building circumpolar long-term data records, (3) to investigate the impact of events on snow properties and (4) to assess the added value of L-band passive microwave observations for ROS detection. 

The article and related datasets can be downloaded here.

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