New CHARTER videos and more local languages

Although much of our work has moved to a virtual space, what seems ordinary now (almost exclusively working virtually) would have been largely unthinkable a year ago. All future CHARTER project meetings will continue to be online for the forseeable, and discussions around the summer field work season are underway, and plans vary widely depending on the work package concerned.

We have added lots of new content to our website – we are very pleased to have just added a CHARTER project summary in Inari Sámi language, just one of the indigenous languages spoken in the core CHARTER project focal area (thanks to Taarna Valtonen at the University of Oulu). We have also added a summary in German, which we have now added to all the other languages which include Nenets, Russian, Finnish, Swedish, North Sámi, French and Bulgarian. See all the languages here.

We have also added two new videos with some of our many researchers – first with Jacqueline Oehri. Oehri is a Post Doc at the Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies in the University of Zurich, Switzerland and will be will be contributing to Work Package 1 and Work Package 5.

Jacqueline Oehri

We have also added a video interview with Ioanna Merkouriadi of the Finnish Meteorological Institute who is contributing to Work Package 1.

Ioanna Merkouriadi

See all our project videos here. And, as a completely unrelated aside, if you are a fan of vexillology, the CHARTER project is working in parts of the Arctic with some really lovely flags – like this example from the Yamalsky District (Russian: Яма́льский райо́н) which is a core research area for the project:

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