New CHARTER publication on Plant Biomass

A new CHARTER publication has just gone online in journal Nature, lead authored by Logan T. Berner with numerous CHARTER researchers providing input. The article is open access, and available here. Plant biomass is a fundamental ecosystem attribute that is sensitive to rapid climatic changes occurring in the Arctic. Nevertheless, measuring plant biomass in the Arctic is logistically challenging and

Meet the Nexus: New CHARTER Publication

The CHARTER project is entering its final year and concluding publications are beginning to roll out. An important new one led by Sirpa Rasmus, supported by a large number of CHARTER affiliated researchers has just been published in the One Earth journal. With the snappy title of ‘Policy documents considering biodiversity, land use, and climate in the European Arctic reveal

Critical Seasons for Reindeer Herders – New CHARTER publication

Ten CHARTER researchers led by the Nenets scholar Roza Laptander new article has just been published. Titled ‘Critical seasonal conditions in the reindeer-herding year: A synopsis of factors and events in Fennoscandia and northwestern Russia’, the authors explore key aspects of the yearly reindeer herding cycle as perceived by reindeer herders in Fennoscandia and northwestern Russia. Indigenous Sámi and Yamal

‘When Rains Fell in Winter’ StoryMap a Finalist for StoryMap of the Year!

Congratulations to Philip Burgess and Irina Wang! Their StoryMap ‘When Rains Fell in Winter‘ has been nominated as a finalist for the 2023 ArcGIS StoryMaps Competition, which focuses on the restoration and conservation of the earth’s lands and waters. The competition is organised by Esri and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The winner will be announced at

Juan-Ignacio Ramirez: New CHARTER Post Doc

The CHARTER project may be entering its final year, but there is still time to squeeze in one more PostDoc (likely the projects last!). His name is Juan-Ignacio Ramirez and he is going to be working with Dr. Dorothee Ehrich at The Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø. His overall research interest is to understand both how consumers (not the shopping

CHARTER at the Finnish Met Institute Snow Seminar

Many thanks to all the 90 registered participants of the FMI’s 11th Pyry snow seminar on 1.11.2023! The seminar was again a great success and the talks and poster presentations included topics such as (but not limited to) Antarctic and Arctic research, weather and climate modelling, snow model approaches, and citizen science (by Outi Meinander, FMI). Collaboration has always been in

Arctic Holocene Biodiversity Map Now Live!

A major CHARTER project deliverable is now live! The Arctic Holocene Biodiversity Database (AHBD) is an evolving metadata database of time-series biodiversity metrics covering the last 11,750 years in the Arctic region. T The academic underpinnings of the map were outlined in a 2022 CHARTER publication (What evidence exists for temporal variability in Arctic terrestrial and freshwater biodiversity throughout the