Ecosystem Effects of Reindeer: new CHARTER Publication

A new CHARTER publication has just been published. Titled ‘The ecosystem effects of reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) in northern Fennoscandia: Past, present and future’, the paper is lead authored by Sari Stark and has input from multiple other CHARTER project researchers. Significant highlights include: From the abstract: The semi-domesticated nature of the reindeer (Rangifer tarandus L.) makes it a distinct case among

Save The Date! Initiating A Policy Dialogue On Changing Arctic Biodiversity And The Societal Implications

The three Horizon 2020 projects ECOTIP, CHARTER and FACE-IT, together with the EU Polar Cluster, warmly invite you to attend a joint event in Brussels during the afternoon of Wednesday March 15th, 2023.   This will also be a hybrid event if you are unable to join in person.  What is this event about and why are we holding it?

Vegetation Regulates Energy Exchange in the Arctic – New publication with CHARTER input

Global warming is changing the Arctic by causing permafrost thaw, glacier melt, droughts, fires and changes in vegetation. These developments are strongly linked to the energy exchange between land and the atmosphere. Researchers at the University of Zurich have now shown that different plant communities in the tundra play a key role in this energy exchange but are not taken

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Introducing Dr. Mariana García Criado – new CHARTER researcher

Dr. Mariana García Criado has had a northward trajectory since she finished her studies in the south of Spain. From there followed a Masters degree in the UK, followed by a 4-year stint at the IUCN in Brussels, where among other tasks became a Red List certified trainer with expertise on the assessment of species’ extinction risk. After, this she

Using Artificial Intelligence to Count Lichens from Space..

Normally when one hears the term ‘artificial intelligence’, or deep neural networks, one might think of the technology giants and their ability to crunch immense amounts of data through our personal browsing habits so that they can build profiles of us in order to shill more content and product our way. But artificial intelligence (AI) is a multi-faceted hydra, one

New CHARTER team members, Summer is Calling

In Finland, where the CHARTER project office is based, we get started on summer pretty early. Winter is long, so you can hardly blame us! Come early August, when most of the rest of Europe is in full summer mode, many folks here are already gearing back up in work and schools are underway. Long way of saying that we

New CHARTER publication: Reindeer herding statistics in Russia. Magical Numbers?

A new CHARTER publication has landed! Titled “Reindeer herding statistics in Russia: issues of reliability, interpretation, and political effect, the paper is authored by Kirill V. Istomin , Roza I. Laptander and Joachim Otto Habeck. The paper is published in the journal Pastoralism: Research, Policy and Practice. From the abstact: Official reindeer herding statistics are an invaluable source of data

Tutkijat tiivistävät yhteistyötä – kansalaishavainnot Saharan hiekkapölystä sekä lumesta ja jäästä kerätään yhteen tietokantaan

Nyt Lapin yliopiston Arktinen keskus, Ilmatieteen laitos ja Suomen ympäristökeskus (SYKE) tiivistävät yhteistyötään lumeen liittyvien kansalaishavaintojen keräämisessä.  Havaintoja voidaan hyödyntää entistä paremmin, kun tiedot tallentuvat yhteen tietokantaan. Kansalaishavainnot täydentävät tutkijoiden seuranta-aineistoja ja antavat havaitsijalle itselleen mahdollisuuden seurata oman alueensa tilannetta ja pitkän ajan kehitystä. Paikalliset elinkeinonharjoittajat ja elinkeinojen hallintoväki voivat myös käyttää näitä havaintoja. Kokemuksia uudesta verkkopalvelusta olisi hyvä saada jo tältä keväältä. Onhan