Lead Institution: University of Oxford

Work Package Leader: Dr. Marc Macias-Fauria


WP4 will focus on i) generating long-term records of key biodiversity variables and ii) studying their spatiotemporal dynamics as related to changes in climate, cryospheric processes, and human agency. Objectives are to:

  • Determine the variability of key biodiversity and ecosystem state variables across the terrestrial Arctic ecosystems during the Holocene.
  • Study the relationships between these variables and changes in climate, cryospheric processes, and human agency.
  • Analyse the temporal stability of these responses, and whether they are in agreement with the more recent observational record (WPs 1&2) and state-of-the-art process-understanding of the Arctic System (WP5). To achieve the above main objectives, WP4 will:
  • Identify the key data gaps in paleo-ecological proxy records across the pan-Arctic. The geographical scope is pan-Arctic and the temporal scope is the Holocene (the past 11,500 years), with a focus on the last 2 millennia.
Dr. Mark Macias-Fauria explains his work and that of Work Package 4
Post Doc Jakob Assmann
Post Doc Jakob Assmann
Post Doc Jakob Assmann

CHARTER Researchers and Associates, WP 4

Dr. Marc Macias-FuriaUniversity of Oxford |Researchgate | Twitter
Andrew Martin Personal webpage | University of Oxford | Github | Twitter
Maria DanceUni of Oxford, UK
Signe NormandUniversity of Århus | Researchgate | Twitter
Jakob Assmann (Postdoc)University of Århus | Personal webpage | Twitter
Candice PowerUni of Arhus, Denmark
Jeff T. KerbyUni of Arhus, Denmark
Bruce ForbesArctic Centre, Uni of Lapland, Finland
Mari KuoppamaaPersonal webpage | Researchgate | Twitter
Sirpa RasmusArctic Centre, Uni of Lapland, Finland
Leena LeppanenArctic Centre, Uni of Lapland, Finland
Sari StarkArctic Centre, Uni of Lapland, Finland
James SpeedNTNU University Museum, Norway
Stefaniya Kamenova NTNU University MuseumResearchgate
Richard BradshawUni of Liverpool, UK
Johan OlofssonUni of Umea, Sweden
Marina MorlockUni of Umea, Sweden
Atte KorholaUni of Helsinki, Finland
Jussi T. EronenUni of Helsinki, Finland
Minna ValirantaUni of Helsinki, Finland
Angela Luisa PrendinUniversity of Aarhus | Researchgate
Post Doc Jakob Assmann