Lead Institution: University of Oxford

Work Package Leader: Dr. Marc Macias-Fauria


WP4 will focus on i) generating long-term records of key biodiversity variables and ii) studying their spatiotemporal dynamics as related to changes in climate, cryospheric processes, and human agency. Objectives are to:

  • Determine the variability of key biodiversity and ecosystem state variables across the terrestrial Arctic ecosystems during the Holocene.
  • Study the relationships between these variables and changes in climate, cryospheric processes, and human agency.
  • Analyse the temporal stability of these responses, and whether they are in agreement with the more recent observational record (WPs 1&2) and state-of-the-art process-understanding of the Arctic System (WP5). To achieve the above main objectives, WP4 will:
  • Identify the key data gaps in paleo-ecological proxy records across the pan-Arctic. The geographical scope is pan-Arctic and the temporal scope is the Holocene (the past 11,500 years), with a focus on the last 2 millennia.
Dr. Mark Macias-Fauria explains his work and that of Work Package 4
Post Doc Andrew Martin
Post Doc Jakob Assmann


Dr. Marc Macias-Furia: University of Oxford |Researchgate | Twitter

Signe Normand: University of Århus | Researchgate | Twitter

Mari Kuoppamaa: Personal webpage | Researchgate | Twitter

Andrew Martin (Postdoc): Personal webpage | University of Oxford | Github | Twitter

Jakob Assmann (Postdoc): University of Århus |Personal webpage | Twitter

Stefaniya Kamenova (Postdoc): NTNU University MuseumResearchgate

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