Lead Institution: Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science, University of Helsinki

WP Leader: Assoc. Professor Jussi T. Eronen

WP6 concentrates on building pathway narratives and developing policy options to offer understandable and relatable information for stakeholders and decisionmakers. WP6 includes participatory stakeholder dialogue to identify current and co-produce new knowledge and identify best practices to design a set of land-use and biodiversity policy options. These should support the development of an Arctic strategy in general and climate adaptation and mitigation in particular.

The pathway narratives are based on an extensive literature review, empirical data and findings from WP3 and WP5, and stakeholder dialogue to engage with local and indigenous knowledge and views of experts. The design of the pathway narratives and policy options is informed by the findings produced in WP3, WP5 and stakeholder interactions: Findings from WP3 (Socio-economic impacts of Arctic changes on indigenous populations and local communities) and WP5 (Building a full-system view of the physical and socioecological drivers) will offer crucial qualitative and quantitative input for WP6 activities, and therefore WPs 3,5 and 6 will coordinate their actions closely.


Assoc. Professor Jussi T. Eronen: Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science, University of Helsinki | Researchgate | Twitter

Mia Landauer: University of Lapland | Researchgate

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