Lead Institution: Alfred Wegener Institute

WP Leader: Dr. Heidrun Matthes

WP5 will undertake the following:

  • Provide quantitative ‘biogeoengineering’ scenarios conforming to reindeer management for different types of development futures, and
  • Use data-model fusion to produce projections of human biosphere-climate impacts. In order to address these tasks, close collaboration with WP3 and WP6 will ensure that ethical and societally useful socio-economic and environmental pathways identified in those WPs are explored.

This will be done by ascertaining how cryospheric changes affect biodiversity under several climate and SES futures and identify and quantify the impacts of changes in animal grazing legislation and practice on Arctic and global climate.

The geographical scope is the Pan-Arctic with high-resolution focus on NW Eurasia and the temporal scope is the present-day to 2050 to ensure policy relevance.

Dr. Heidrun Matthes of AWI, on Work Package 5
Post Doc Jacqueline Oehri on landscape futures, and more.


Dr. Heidrun Matthes: Alfred Wegener Institute | Researchgate

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