CHARTER Working Papers Series Launched

The CHARTER project has launched a Working Papers series. Working Papers are pre-publication versions of academic articles, book chapters, or reviews. They also may include project status reports and policy briefs and project pre-completion findings. Working papers are cited by author, are not refereed and will be numbered sequentially. They may be in multiple languages. The content of these Working Papers are the responsibility of individual authors and the format (other than the cover page and back page) is not standardized.

Our first Working Paper is now online – entitled Tietoa ja arktisia näkemyksiä ilmasto- ja ympäristölainsäädännön tueksi (in Finnish) and is authored by Jussi Eronen, Sirpa Rasmus, Mia Landauer and Bruce Forbes.

All CHARTER Working Papers will be available for Download on our Documents page.

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