CHARTER – New Video Interviews Online

While the continued travel restrictions have limited our abilities to meet, connect and plan in person, the CHARTER project has continued apace virtually. We have added new video interviews with our team to the video gallery, notably Work Package 6 leader Professor Jussi Eronen of the University of Helsinki and one of our (many) new CHARTER post docs Stefaniya Kamenova who is joining Professor James Speed‘s team at the NTNU, Trondheim, Norway.

Eronen discusses his interesting research journey (from paleo to policy) which will stand him in good stead when navigating the different languages and tools of multiple disciplinary backgrounds such as are in CHARTER. He also touches on the challenges of planning participatory workshops in the current climate of travel restrictions. This is a particular challenge for CHARTER, as these workshops are a key element of the project with regard to the development of future policy options and pathways.

Kamenova talks about her research background and how she ended up migrating northwards in academia, and the work she will be doing in Work Package 2 and Work Package 4.

And if you have ever wondered what a ‘trophic interaction’ is, Kamenova gives a more nuanced answer than the Predator A eating Prey B. Watch below:

Ever wonder what a trophic interaction is? Wonder no more.

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