Arctic Holocene Biodiversity Map Now Live!

A major CHARTER project deliverable is now live! The Arctic Holocene Biodiversity Database (AHBD) is an evolving metadata database of time-series biodiversity metrics covering the last 11,750 years in the Arctic region. T The academic underpinnings of the map were outlined in a 2022 CHARTER publication (What evidence exists for temporal variability in Arctic terrestrial and freshwater biodiversity throughout the

New CHARTER publication

An important new publication with substantial input from CHARTER researchers has landed which is a pilot study on the reindeer impact on soil carbon storage which revealed that animal impacts are very different for permafrost and non-permafrost areas but that they facilitate more productive vegetation. Titled ‘Impacts of Reindeer on Soil Carbon Storage in the Seasonally Frozen Ground of Northern

Arctic plants engineer their own environments: new CHARTER paper

CHARTER post-doc Andrew Martin (Andrew is in Work Package 4, see a video interview with him here) of the University of Oxford has recently published a paper in which he was the lead author (along with Work Package 4 leader Marc Macias-Fauria and CHARTER project leader Bruce Forbes, among others) in the journal, New Phytologist (read full article here, open